When you’re hot, you’re hot and when you’re not...

By Out There

The goldfields we like to visit in WA are no place to be when the heat is turned up and last year we pulled the pin at the end of October. The best four detecting months in WA are May, June, September and October.

Our last mission for 2010 was our 97th in total and Bill and Josie and Joyce and I returned to an old haunt where, truthfully, nuggets were becoming scarce. However, for the sake of familiarity and quiet, we decided to give it another belt. The plan was to walk out into new ground and ping a few bits that would put us onto a patch, grid it for four weeks and take 10 or so ounces. If we found more, we would adjust our celebration intensity.

The rain kept us in a caravan park for a week. The tracks eventually dried, opened and into the blue yonder we went. A bloody week gone already.

After the first camp Bill and I had seven bits for four grams and our master plan fell to pieces.

Another week gone! The strategy of ‘shift camp to where that ground looked all right’ was employed and we went at it again. We got a few more teenies using 8-inch coils on an old patch of ours in between patch hunting.

The astounding sunsets, uplifting desert scenery, old man Bungarra who treated us with utter contempt, and dingoes howling at night must have distracted us from the main game because another week went by while Bill and I found only small bits with no continuation. Subscribe now.

Bits & Pieces

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