Treasure Hunting with the

Teknetics T2

By Lucky Eddie

Being an enthusiastic coin hunter, I was rapt when the owners of Coiltek in Maryborough asked me to field test the new Teknetics T2. I had just recently been given permission to detect an old school site and decided this would be the perfect place to put the detector through its paces.

On the first available weekend I met up with my son and daughter, both keen coin hunters, bundled the machine and dog into the car and set off.

The school was built in 1891 and although it has been converted into living quarters, it still bears signs of its former glory; there is an old playground with wooden equipment, a ball wall and a hill with concrete pipes and balance beams that looks like fun.

I had already read the quick start guide for the T2, so I had a general idea of what to expect. I turned it on, checked I was in all-metal mode, and ground balanced it by pushing the trigger forward and moving the coil up and down a few times. I then released the trigger and was ready to go. I decided to start my hunt at the right side of the school, near the play area.

I set the tone on four to give it a stronger pitch and signal and after just a few steps, got my first target – a bottle top that gave a reading of 78. My next target, a few feet away from the first, gave a strong reading of 67 and turned out to be a ring pull. My enthusiasm didn’t waver because finding junk can often be the sign of untouched ground.

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