There’s plenty of gold amongst Rushworth’s rubbish

By Scotty Richter

I had always been interested in having a go at metal detecting and first got started by going out with my mate Wayne, who owned a Minelab GPX4500. He took me out a couple of dozen times to various spots in Victoria’s Golden Triangle but I spent most of my time digging holes. Occasionally he’d let me have a crack at detecting using his machine but all I managed to find were bullets and other bits of rubbish.

Not surprisingly I got sick of digging holes for Wayne and decided to buy my own detector. I went straight into Shepparton to the Minelab dealer, S.H. Wallace & Co., and ordered a new GPX5000.
The moment I picked it up I couldn’t wait to hit the goldfields. I live in the small Victorian country town of Murchison, which is about a 20-minute drive from the historic gold town of Rushworth, and an hour’s drive from Bendigo.

I quickly set about planning a camping trip to Scotchman’s Gully which is located in the whipstick state forest near Bendigo.

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