There’s plenty of gold at

Old Halls Creek

By Bushwacker

My first visit to the Old Halls Creek area was in August 2009 and I arrived full of enthusiasm and eager to use my recently purchased GPX 4000. I spent a few hot and dusty days in the area and left very disappointed and very goldless.

I started to believe that in the 125 years since gold was first discovered at Halls Creek, there was very little left in the area and certainly none where I had looked. But then again, maybe I was simply looking in the wrong areas, or I couldn’t hear the target signal or I just didn’t walk over it. Whatever the reason, I didn’t find any.

In early July last year I joined a group of detector enthusiasts on the Tanami Track in the Mary River Mine area. I was hopeful that this time I would have better luck in the area because, after all, we were detecting only a few kilometres as the crow flies from the Ruby Queen Mine and Old Halls Creek.

I detected in the area for 10 days and was rewarded with five small bits of gold weighing a grand total of 2.5 grams.

Gold prospecting sucked and I was contemplating taking up stamp collecting as a hobby when I met a Kiwi by the name of Jimmy on the Tanami and, after speaking to him, my faith in the Old Halls Creek area was renewed.

Bits & Pieces

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