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I first wrote about this particular old country inn well over a year ago and here I am still detecting for coins and relics in the location and still having a whale of a time. I first went there early in 2009 as an L-plate detectorist (indeed I’m still learning) with a Garrett Ace 250 and found a Victorian-era cricket belt buckle made of brass. I lightly grazed the buckle with my pick and though it is not noticeable, it was a good lesson for a newbie to go easy with the heavy artillery around the old stuff.

The Garrett Ace was good for what it was but it had its limitations, the biggest for me being the fixed ground balance. Mix that with the mineralized soils I always seem to end up in and the continuous ‘falseing’ belltone ring of the Garrett Ace and it was real headache material.

A Minelab X-Terra 70 followed fairly quickly. It is a beautiful little machine and one I still refuse to part with. Whack a DD coil on it, put it in Tracking and it will do a mighty job on coins and relics. I loved the change to multi-tones and the digitally numbered Target ID screen but for me its biggest attribute is that it’s such a pleasure to swing; the balance and lightness are first class.

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