The real magic of some stones

By Ann O’Driscoll

This story is about a very unusual agate we found on a recent trip to Agate Creek, which is not too far north of our home town of Hughenden in Queensland.

For lovers of rocks like me, Agate Creek is an absolute ‘Wonderland’ with colourful, exquisitely-patterned stones littering the landscape. The creeks, dry when we visited, were laden with beautiful broken agates and colourful banded chert, while the black soil plains were scattered with small, round agates in every colour of the rainbow. Most of them were not much use for anything except admiring but to me they were amazing.

Carl, the serious collector in our family, wasn’t content with the inferior stones that were lying around; he wanted good quality agates and thunder eggs, the ones you have to work hard for. So he got digging in places with names such as ‘Potato Patch’, ‘Blue Hill’ and ‘Simpsons Gully. It was September and the work was hard, hot and dirty but he dug up plenty.

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