The Old Yandi Dish Patch

By Birdman

 When you prospect a new area for the first time, you generally start off feeling optimistic, with a sense of anticipation that you might get onto something good at any moment. You might have researched the area or simply stumbled across it but there is something that makes you think there might be some gold there.

I have been detecting with a mate of mine, Sam, for about 25 years. He was the bloke who taught me the ropes and for that I am forever grateful. He’s been metal detecting full time for all that time while I’ve only been able to do it on a part-time basis.

One time we were about half way through a two week trip and were at the crossroads. We had lots of ideas of where we might go but hadn’t firmed up our plans. We were in two vehicles and Sam had some family business to attend to which meant driving into town, a good two hours away. He had to call interstate and, depending on the outcome of that call, would either have to stay in town for a few days or be free to head bush again. I had no inclination to go into town and was considering my options.

We were reasonably close to a place we had scoped out at the start of our previous trip. We’d noted the area on a geological map, taken some GPS coordinates and had decided to make a slight detour to have a quick look on the way to spot number one. It was not known for alluvial gold but the geology looked half reasonable and given that is was not far off the route we were taking, we had decided to have a quick look. Subscribe now.

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