The Old Settlers Cottage


I was out in the country with my mate Mark, on the way to a hunt, when he asked me to make a slight detour to an old building he wanted to show me. It was a beautifully rustic, stone cottage just oozing with charm and I got giddy just thinking about the old coins and other treasures that had to be scattered around the place.

We discussed our chances of being allowed to detect there and decided to track down the owner and ask permission. It took a while but we eventually identified the landowner and what a lovely bloke he was. He told us the cottage was one of the first permanent buildings in the valley and the family who’d built it had migrated from England in the 1840s and put down roots by clearing and cultivating a farm.

A bit more cultivation of sorts also took place as the number children increased and the house became too small for them all. A bigger and better bluestone dwelling was constructed nearby and the family moved in but the original cottage remained in constant use by farm workers and tenants until the 1950s.

The current landowner was a bit sad that he’d never found time to renovate the old place and we all agreed it would make a great weekender or holiday rental.

With 140 years of people coming and going, Mark and I figured there had to be a few coins around the house block and adjoining orchard and the owner was more than happy for us to detect the site. He even offered to show us around but added that he might have spoiled the party because he’d rotary hoed the area a few times to keep the weeds down and the Poplar tree suckers under control.

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