The Luck of the Irish

By Tracy

With Christmas behind us, we packed up the car again and headed for the Victorian goldfields. When I say we, I refer to myself, husband Harry, my youngest son, 14-year-old Lloyd, and my stepdad, Dominic.

Dominic immigrated here about 25 years ago and loves nothing more than the Australian bush so when we invited him along for a couple of weeks detecting, he was as keen as mustard.

On the trip down, Harry regaled us with stories of past prospecting adventures with his mate Glenn and we all were looking forward to meeting this interesting individual, none more so than Harry who had been out of contact with him for a couple of years. From the stories Harry told of Glenn, we got a picture of a very skilled detector operator.

We had all agreed to put in a few days fencing on Glenn’s property and in return he was going to show us a couple of good spots to detect in the area. Harry was especially interested in seeing Glenn’s most recent gold find – all 339 grams worth with the biggest bit weighing 10 ounces. Apparently, all of it had come from the one hole.

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