The long arm of the law and coincidence

By Wal Ellison

Although my wife, Jill, and I often prefer to head off for a bit of detecting on our own, we still enjoy time spent digging holes with some good friends of ours, Ted and Annette. I’ve found over the years there are days when being alone can really put you in the ‘zone’, allowing you to better focus on your detecting but at other times, having the joking and chatter going on can give the day a lift. 

Either as separate couples or as a group, we’ve all spent a lot of time in an old village close by. It’s only about 20 minute’s drive from where we all live, making it the perfect destination when you suddenly decide to have a swing but it’s already lunchtime. The village dates from the mid 1800s, with most of the original blocks now empty and only a handful of people still living in the place. We have permission to detect on quite a few of the blocks which used to have houses and such on them but are now just empty paddocks. Over the years we’ve never seen another person detecting there so it looks like all the goodies are being found by the four of us. 

We’ve studied the historical parish maps on the internet and found them to be an invaluable tool in identifying old street lines and where old places such as the recreation oval or village hall used to be. In this way we found where the old police paddock had been.

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