The Latest Mods for Detectors

By Woody

Modifications (mods) to metal detectors have come a very long way since the early modifications done to the Minelab SD2000 that consisted of selectable frequencies and a small audio booster. Now we update the older components and add variable gain to give these detectors a performance boost.  For example, the old SD2100 can have newer components installed to give it some extra performance such as frequency/timing changes to get better responses from combinations of different coils and target sizes. 

One of the older generation detectors that really benefits from mods is the SD2200D. It was a very popular detector because it was very sensitive to small gold but most operators had to use a DD coil as a mono coil made the detector too noisy on highly mineralised ground. The SD2200D is a very good detector for modification because it came with a single integrated circuit (IC) chip front-end amplifier which allowed the input gain to be changed with modification. The SD2200D was the first detector in the pulse induction range to incorporate analogue-to-digital conversion electronics. The SD2200D can have variable gain, different soil timings and different frequencies added to it with modification. 

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