The Last Gold Foray

By Bobupnorth

Gold prospecting has been in my blood for more years than I can remember and, yes, I have found my share but I knew at some point the time would come when I would have to give it up due to deteriorating health and other concerns.

In the early days we would find an average of an ounce a week and if you didn’t you were doing it hard. It didn’t matter where you looked back then as it seemed to be everywhere. A little geo pick was all you needed. Boy those were the days but as we all know, those days have long gone and now you need a backhoe in your kit to get the deep ones.

I’ve been in forced retirement for the last year due to a broken back and while this is the reason of I’ve finally decided to close the shutters on my prospecting career, to borrow from the poet Dylan Thomas, I did not go gentle into that good night. In fact for the last eight months we have been on the road chasing the elusive yellow, our jumping off point being Gilberton in north Queensland on a property owned by Rob and Lyn French. Readers might recall the story I wrote for this magazine when we spent two weeks trying to get home from there because of widespread flooding.

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