The Infinium likes it salty

By Wazza

After hiring Minelab detectors a few times from a local shop, I was finally ready to buy a detector of my own. Everyone said get a Minelab; that they were the best. I’m not disagreeing with that but I had a tight budget and wasn’t going to be able get out detecting all that often, so I thought I’d at least shop around. It didn’t take long. The latest GG&T magazine had an advertisement for an American detector, the Garrett Infinium, for sale here in Australia.

I set about chasing up some info on this detector and while I couldn’t find any bad reports, I couldn’t track down any successful reports either. I decided to take a punt and get one because I liked the price and from everything I’d read, it seemed very user friendly.

Next trip I headed out to the goldfields with the stock standard 14-inch DD coil and had no end of trouble. I couldn’t ground balance and was very dissatisfied to say the least. I didn’t pick up any gold which was not unexpected given my difficulty getting the machine right.

As soon as I returned home I decided to do something a real man just doesn’t do, namely, read the instructions! Not only did I read the instructions but I used various internet forums to put together a comprehensive guide on how to get the best out of my machine in different situations. I also picked up a couple of the smaller coils, namely, the 8-inch mono, the 7x5-inch DD and the 5x3-inch DD. The next challenge was to find some good ground.

Bits & Pieces

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