The Biggest Nuggets in the World

From the outset let's be clear about the subjects of this article. We're talking about the largest known nuggets still in existence, not the largest nuggets ever found, though we give the latter their due at the close.

The internet is an extremely valuable research tool if you know how to filter out the garbage but the problem is, there's an awful lot of garbage. Wikipedia has it right when it describes the Hand of Faith as the 'world's largest gold nugget found using a metal detector' but the Golden Nugget Las Vegas casino, in whose lobby the Hand of Faith resides, has it all wrong when it states that it's the 'world's largest nugget on display'.

There are a number of other websites that claim the Hand of Faith is the largest nugget in existence and they do so with an authority of their own making. The fact that you have a website does not suddenly confer infallibility on the information you post on it. Even Wikipedia gets it wrong, though, to their credit, more often than not they get it right.

The title of the 'largest known nugget still in existence' actually goes to a nugget found at the Serra Pelada minesite in Brazil in September 1983 by a prospector named Julio de Deus Filho. Known variously as the 'Canaa Nugget' and 'Pepita Canaa Nugget', it is proudly displayed in the Banco Central do Brasil's museum. Its gross weight is 60.82 kilograms with a gold content of 52.332 kilograms or 1,682.5 Troy ounces.

Julio managed to pocket about $1 million for his find.

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