The Best Laid Plans

By Jim Foster

In May 2011 we set out for our 10th season detecting on the WA goldfields. Traversing the Nullarbor is something we never tire of and so it was last year; the plain looked in top condition with good feed everywhere for the abundant wildlife. Topping up with water, fuel and food in Kalgoorlie we headed out to our first detecting site about 200km north-east of Kal on the western side of Lake Carey.

Our campsite was an idyllic spot overlooking the lake beside a dry creek; the creek-side trees sheltering us from the prevailing westerlies.

While based here we revisited several old patches and found a few little nuggets we'd left behind years ago when we'd detected the area with SD2200s. This time around we were armed with GPX5000s. Surprisingly some of these old patches hadn't been detected since we'd last been here but others had and in some places quite heavily.

With gold becoming harder to find and the one spot we wanted to visit cut off by water and lots of boggy ground, we decided to move camp.

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