The Allure of Silver

By Mark Williams

For me it’s all about how good they look when they come out of the ground, their potential value and because they seem to be just that little bit more elusive. I’m talking about coin shooting for silvers. I can find bucket loads of old copper coins but when that one silver sees the light of day for the first time in many years, it just makes the detecting experience a whole lot better. So this is for all you confirmed silver lovers and those yet to be lured into the web.

Firstly you need the right equipment. For me it’s a Minelab E-Trac paired with the stock 11-inch coil; it’s a great combination for silvers. I also use an 8-inch FBS 800 coil but only in trashy spots and only after I’ve been over the area with the 11-inch. Most of my success has been while coin shooting on ovals and in parks and I’ve amassed more than 750 silver half crowns, florins, shillings, sixpences and threepences in the past couple of years, although some of these come from old home sites.

You also need a good digging tool that’s not going to make a huge mess when you’re cutting plugs. And please remember to fill them in properly and take your rubbish away with you.

The other tool that’s a must is something to pinpoint with so that you don’t destroy the neat plug or hole you’ve just cut while trying to find a target. I spent years not using one and now I’d be lost without it. A little tip when you purchase one – buy a spare because there’s nothing worse than it breaking it while you’re out detecting and then having to wait a week for a new one to arrive.

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