That close to selling it all

By Stoppsy

I’ve had a lot of success with my GPX4000, finding more than 43 grams of gold within the first 12 months of buying it. I’ve found nuggets from 1.5 grams down to super small sub-grammers and I’m the first to admit it’s a fantastic machine but not long ago there came a time when I thought I might have to sell it.

I’m a member of the Gold Detecting and Prospecting internet forum and it’s a fantastic site full of helpful members and informative posts. Not only does this forum provide help to those with questions but I’ve made some solid friendships.

A couple of months back I wrote a post stating that due to unforseen circumstances, you know, the ones that can sometimes turn your world upside down, I might have to sell all of my detecting gear. Members of the forum were in disbelief at what they were reading and were adamant I was not to sell up! Their reasoning was that I had been doing so well with my gold finds in such a short amount of time that my luck was sure to hold.

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