Summer of the Rings

By Leigh Webber

It was a very busy summer season of treasure hunting at Sydney’s Bondi Beach, so much so that I decided to christen it ‘The Summer of the Rings’ as I found more than 30, along with a heap of other stuff, some of it valuable and some not. 

I actually had my weirdest find this past summer when I got a deep signal on Bondi Beach and after digging down about two feet, caught sight of the lid of a biscuit tin. Better still, the lid was still closed on the tin itself and I immediately imagined I’d stumbled upon a cache of valuables.  I just figured if someone went to the trouble of burying something this deep there had to be something valuable inside. 

After more digging I brought the biscuit tin to the surface before opening it up. My initial elation quickly turned to deflation as I realised I was the target of a prank. Inside the tin was a rubber snake sitting on some fake money! 

It would have to be the biggest anti-climax I’ve experienced in my time detecting but at the same time, it was one of my funniest finds ever, and I still don't know who the prankster is.


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