Summer Gold

By Goldsearch Australia

Well, summer came and went and thank goodness the long-range forecasters’ predictions of a killer summer with heatwaves lasting up to two weeks on end didn’t eventuate.

Naturally with the good weather there were plenty out and about looking for their share of the yellow and although not everyone made their fortunes, there were some pretty reasonable finds.

One local and a good customer friend of the staff here was extremely fortunate with the finding of a rich patch of ground that gave up a trio of fantastic nuggets. The weights of these beauties were a healthy 16 ounces, 13 ounces and 8.5 ounces respectively, and another bloke managed to bag a fantastic 18-ounce nugget.

The full article can be found in the June 2010 issue of Gold Gem and Treasure. Subscribe now.

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