Still Finding The Good Stuff In Flogged Areas

C. Nyal de Kaye

Everywhere we went on our recent trip to WA we saw unmistakable evidence of the ground being well-worked by keen detectorists. Seemingly endless detector holes, miles of chaining marks and yet, despite all this evidence of human activity, we rarely saw another soul in almost four months. Such is the wonder of WA; you can be all alone in the bush but evidence abounds of many having been there before you. But did those prospectors leave anything behind? Following are a few examples of what we did on our latest little adventure and hopefully readers will pick up on an idea or two that pays dividends.

One afternoon we came to an old scraped area. I like scraped areas and have often found quite a bit of what is sometimes called ‘scrap gold’ on and around old scrapings. To be frank, I rather like ‘scrap gold’ and will happily take all that I can find. This scraping was a good size, probably about 150 metres by 80 metres and looking over it we observed more or less continuous chain marks but they were rather widely spaced. To me this indicated a very wide swing of the coil and, unless the operator had arms four feet long, it told me there would certainly be some areas that had gone undetected. The chain marks extended way beyond the scrapings (there were literally kilometres of them) proving to me anyway, that the prospector got some good gold there otherwise he or she wouldn’t have persevered.

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