Stand and deliver in WA

By Goldy 64

After spending almost 12 months in Western Australia back in 2008 detecting off and on at Redcastle, which is between Leonora and Laverton, I decided to head back home to NSW to catch up with family and friends, get in a bit of fishing and plan my next big trip. This one had netted me 14 ounces including a 2-ounce nugget, which might not sound like much for 12 months work but I’m retired war veteran and on a pension and life is good.

In November 2009 I again set off to live my dream but this time it turned into a nightmare. When I arrived at Redcastle I met a couple of young men who informed me that they were the leaseholders and they didn't mind me going on their lease as long as I told them where I found any large nuggets. This seemed fair enough and I was happy with the arrangement. Then, about a week before Christmas, I discovered that these blokes, who were brothers, were not the leaseholders at all when the actual leaseholder turned up from Perth and informed me he had given these two men permission to detect on his lease on a 50/50 basis and that they had cheated him if any gold. Subscribe now.

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