Spiders, March Flies & Gold

By Dig

Summer had just clocked off and we’d probably experienced our best seasonal rainfall in years. The only problem was that it created the perfect breeding environment for March flies here in Central Victoria, and I mean perfect! Ii had been years since I’d seen so many of these biting, bloodsucking, drive-you-mad insects and I’m sure insect repellent sales in the region must have reached an all time high.

It sure made for uncomfortable detecting because along with the biting and blood sucking was the noise. One March fly can’t be considered a noisy creature but when you have 50 or more of the buggers buzzing around inches from your head, it sounds more like a World War II dogfight.

The one consolation was that Mother Nature decided to counterbalance the fly plague with a surge in the population of Golden Orbweaver spiders. These guys had an absolute feast, their massive webs that spanned several feet between trees each catching dozens of the annoying Marchies.

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