Snakes in the Grass

By Dig

Most readers would be familiar with the sayings ‘a snake in the grass’ and ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’ but when it comes to gold, no truer words have ever been spoken.

Human nature never really changes and when you read through many of the old goldfield history books, you’ll see that behavior back then mirrors behavior today.

For example, a while back I was out at an old gold haunt of mine, well, not mine exactly, but a place I like to frequent as it has been quite good to me on a number of occasions. I hadn’t been there long when a shiny new 4WD cruised slowly past. The driver spotted me, backtracked and pulled up within a metre or two of where I was detecting. Before I even had a chance to remove my headphones, a voice boomed at me (no hello mind you) demanding to know “where’s the gold?”

“There’s plenty in the Perth Mint,” I said. “And I think Zammels jewellers are having a sale too.”

My sarcasm went past the outside edge straight to the keep because he quickly shot back with his second demand, namely, “have you done any good?”

‘Yeah,” was the first part of my reply. This really grabbed his attention and he sat bolt upright in his seat, waiting to hear me say the area was loaded with nuggets giving him a free shot at gold someone else had located.

“I stopped to give a bloke a jump start once. I thought that was pretty good” I said. There was no missing this one and the look on his face said it all. “I’m talking about gold mate, have you found any nuggets?” he scowled.

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