Small Treasures Amongst the Rubbish

By Kent

I was having a yarn to a couple of old mates. Brothers and both bachelors, they had retired from their property and moved into town. They were helping me out with a trip I had planned a couple of months down the track with my mate Geoff. We were going to spend a few days in their old stomping grounds and they were pointing out the locations of a few old home sites.

“Anyway,” one of them said, “there’s an old ruin just up the road on the other side of the hill. You could have a look there; we know the owner.”

My interest sparked, they gave me the particulars of the owner who I contacted for permission to hunt. “No worries,” the owner said, “go for your life but just watch out for the snakes.”

A few days later I was on the site of what once would have been a comfortable home but was now a decaying ruin. The only real problem was going to be the grass which was too high to allow detecting in most places. It was obvious that cattle had been camped near where the back door had once been as the grass was much shorter here and they’d left numerous calling cards around the area. This was where I started detecting.

It quickly became evident that the previous human occupants were the type who stood in the doorway and chucked everything and anything as far as they could. The ground was full of rubbish, bits of lead, iron, nails, copper and brass – you name it and it was here.

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