Shelving dreams of gold


I only started metal detecting a couple years ago in the latter stages of recovering from a career-ending injury, so I still have my ‘L’ plates on. After the operations and a long period of inactivity, detecting was an enjoyable form of exercise and also provided stimulation for my mind.

Because of my health problems, I wanted a lightweight detector so I started with a second-hand Garrett Ace 250 to see if I liked detecting. I soon realised I was hooked big time. Like a lot of people, I started detecting playgrounds, finding the wood chip mulch easy digging while learning the various settings, the tones and sounds and how to pinpoint a target. I still use the Ace 250 on play equipment for a change of pace and as a back-up machine.

I soon realised that I wanted a little more information from my detector but still needed a lightweight machine so I settled on a Minelab Xterra 70 and did a deal for both the standard and high frequency elliptical DD coils. I then joined a club and met some great people with a wealth of experience, some of whom were willing to share it.

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