Quick runs in the last session

By Shazza

Our trip was being cut short by five weeks and we’d let the serious side of prospecting get away from us, having chosen to sit back and enjoy life instead. Now it was almost too late to get some runs on the board. We were headed north through Western Australia to an area Paul knew had given up some small nuggets a few years back. We’d been given permission for a couple of days detecting and no sooner had we arrived than we had the camp set up, the quad ready and the detectors fired up.

Even though 4pm was a little late to be heading out, you gotta make gold while the sun shines.

On the way out to the patch we crossed a small gully that had recently been dug out with an excavator and to cut a long story short, you know they don’t get it all. The GPX 5000 and those fine gold settings do work a treat and just one hour of detecting put a few rattles in my bottle.

We decided that if they’d missed that much and they were the ones who dug the gully out, we would definitely be back in the morning.

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