Pennies, Dog Tags and Mud


I often hunt on Sunday mornings with ‘Madmax’. I first met him at the metal detecting club I’d joined and we started going out on hunts together. We mainly hunt for modern coinage but lately Max has become interested in the old stuff and because we live just 10 minutes apart, it’s easy for us to jump into one car for a country hunt. And that’s the real beauty of Adelaide. We can be in rural areas no more than 30 minutes from where we live.

On this occasion I’d rung a farmer contact and asked permission to hunt some old ruins on his land. The farmer was his usual hospitable self and agreed but said he had to be elsewhere so he told me where he would hide the paddock gate padlock key. He also said that the ground near the ruins was fairly boggy and that a 4WD would be advisable but I assured him we were okay, courtesy of Max and his Nissan Patrol.

The old stone homestead had been abandoned long ago and the roofing was gone. Nearby, what remained of the homestead’s orchard ran down to a sizeable dam. We got in there without mishap in the Patrol though we could see deep tyre tracks where the owner’s vehicle had struggled in the mud.

Bits & Pieces

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