Paddock bashing to a Rising Sun


The phone rang. It was MadMax and he was having a bit of a whinge and carrying on that he’d three permission knockbacks at farms and couldn’t get a lead on an old site where he could detect for old coins and relics. He rang wanting me to give him leg-up as he knew I’d gotten permission to detect at a few old places from time to time.

I was surprised at Max’s interest because I’ve detected with him for a couple of years and never before had he shown an interest in anything other than gold nuggets, modern one and two dollar coins and precious metal jewellery. Whenever the subject of old coins and relics came up his mantra was “why do I want to waste my one day off each week hunting pre-decimals; you can’t spend an old penny and they’re worth bugger all. I have plenty of them rattling around in my drawer at home.”

I usually retorted with something like ‘Florins are cool to find and worth a bit. How about a 1930 penny, a crown or a gold sovereign?’ Despite Max’s objections, he had to admit that a sovereign was definitely on his hit list.

For me, I just like the history, and the places where old coins show up never cease to amaze me. For example, a couple of months ago I found an 1898 Queen Victoria halfpenny about one inch down in an area that I know dozens of detectorists (me included) frequent annually. It was a good strong, solid signal too. My coil just happened to swing over the top of it and I was the first to recognise it as a good target. That coin had my name on it.

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