On Tour in Western Australia

By Go West

In May of this year I joined up with a group of 15 other keen prospectors to go on a gold prospecting tour in Western Australia. I chose to join a group led by Darren Kamp of The Gold & Relics Company which is based in Victoria. Why join a WA tour run by a Victorian you might ask? Darren has been hunting for gold for more than 30 years and 18 of them have been spent prospecting in the WA goldfields with a lot of success, so he knows his stuff. It also helps that he’s used to explaining the differences between prospecting in the eastern states of Australia compared to WA, and there are a lot of differences.

He knows where we’re coming from in terms of previous prospecting knowledge and he also happens to be a really nice bloke. Following is my day-by-day account of the tour..

Day 1

We all met up at Kalgoorlie at midday. Once preliminary introductions were out the way and basic safety issues were explained, we formed a convoy to follow Darren out to the area we would call home for the next 10 days. There was a lot of UHF chatter as everybody was pretty excited.

Bits & Pieces

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