On Cue

By Thomas J. Foster

That two people with the same first name were born in the same little town 94 years apart is a coincidence of the lowest order but what has transpired in my lifetime at least gives me more than a passing connection with my famous namesake.

In 1979 I became interested in metal detecting so I purchased a Garrett Deep Seeker detector and headed for the Victorian Goldfields. I spent every weekend for three months detecting for gold before I found my first gold at Hard Hill, Dunolly. What followed was an all-consuming interest in detecting. Before long my other passion, hang gliding, was abandoned allowing me to fully concentrate my spare time on detecting. I never found much gold and I never found any nugget much over an ounce until I started detecting in Western Australia in 1999.

We were prospecting in WA and I was researching the old gold town of Agnew for an article when I ran across a reference to Tom Cue in a book on Agnew by Alex Palmer. In this book I learned that Tom had been born in my home town of Casterton, Victoria and it immediately sparked an interest in the man and his life. I quickly learned that he was not the original discoverer of gold at Cue but because he was the one sent to register the claims, he was the one who got most of the fame.

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