November 2011 Articles

That closes to selling it all
By Stoppsy
I’ve had a lot of success with my GPX4000, finding more than 43 grams of gold within the first 12 months of buying it. [...]

Local knowledge – the key to successful coin hunting
One of my regular detecting mates, Mark, shares my passion for researching old sites and then gaining permission to detect them. [...]

A GPX5000 for father and son
I have always enjoyed camping and spending time exploring the remote areas of North Queensland. [...]

Brilliant Belemnites
By Ann O’Driscoll
TThey may not be gold, and I don’t think they’re gems, but they are definitely treasures. They’re called belemnites and about 16 kilometres north of Hughenden in [...]

Bits & Pieces

Mother of pearl The Mother of all Pearls
The largest and most expensive pearl ever found is known variously as the ‘Pearl of Lao Tzu’ or ‘The Pearl of Allah’ [...]