New England Agates, Sapphires & Quartz

By Tim Vine

Finally all those months of waiting had come to an end and we were off to New England for six days of fossicking. It was late March and I had somehow convinced my wife Rachel, and children, Caitlin and Matthew, to accompany me.

In order to recover from the five-days-a-week slog in Melbourne, we wanted it to be a leisurely drive so we took a few days to get to our destination of Inverell.On the third day we arrived at Narrabri mid-afternoon and even though it was stinking hot, I decided we needed to reconnoitre the Bellata area before dark in preparation for the following day of fossicking. It was only 40 kilometres away and quality agate, petrified wood, carnelian and jasper is found there.

As far as I was concerned a stop-over there was a must because agate is my favourite gem and unfortunately Agate Creek is a little too far to go when you only have a couple of weeks for holidays.

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