My First Gold Ring

By Ashley Cowley

Finally a ring of some worth but I must admit I did cheat. A guy I know asked me if I could look for his wedding band that he’d lost approximately 14 years ago while out fishing in waist-deep water. He showed me the spot and even though I figured my chances were none and Buckley’s, the following morning, armed with my trusty Sovereign GT and a very low tide, I gave it a go. Tuning the detector on the beach I got a signal and out popped an 1881 English threepence. Ok, so that was cool and a good way to start the hunt.

The target area was on a low, craggy reef that ran for a 100 metres or more out to sea so I detected my way towards it and a couple of pieces of junk and three sinkers later I was in the target zone. I quickly got a signal down near a sizeable crack in the reef and after a bit of digging and shifting of rocks, lo and behold there it was! Absolutely amazing. I really hadn’t held out much promise of finding it after such a long time, particularly with all the rough seas that you can get along this stretch of coast, but gold is heavy and it just stayed put pretty much where he’d lost it.

It was a happy ending all round because I got to find my first gold ring and he got his gold wedding band back after 14 years in the sea.

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