Mission accomplished! World war I cictory medal makes it home at last

By Gemangi

I had been detecting for a few hours at a local park in Adelaide and had managed to find a few pre-decimal pennies in amongst the trash. Having had enough for one day I decided to head for home and as I was walking towards the car and casually waving the coil in front of me, I received a strong target signal. I read the signal from all directions before taking out my trusty recovery tool and when I finally unearthed the target my first thought was that it was another penny. When I picked it up it was much heavier and thicker than a penny and then I noticed the ring on top and realised it was a medallion of some sort.

Wiping the dirt off one side revealed the words ‘The Great War for Civilisation 1914-1919’ while on the other side (the obverse) was the winged symbol of Victory holding a palm frond in her right hand with her left arm outstretched. What I was holding was a Victory Medal from World War I.

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