March Madness in the Tropics

By Bobupnorth

The wheels were set in motion for this trip in November last year just two weeks after another 10-ounces-plus had been pulled from our favourite hunting ground.

On the last trip we’d found a new location that produced a number of small, very jagged nuggets of around four to five grams, all spread over a large area, and this time we were going to track down the source with no flies to distract us.It was to be our March Madness trip because it was right at the end of the wet season in far north Queensland and only the brave or very foolish venture out at this time of year but then again, I don’t recall anyone ever accusing us of being the sharpest tools in the shed.

I’d planned on leaving on the Monday but due to work commitments had delay my start until the Tuesday. With the camper packed up and my wife, Delys, on board, it was time to head off into the wilds.The sunset on that first day at our campsite was something special, almost as though it was promising us a golden two weeks.

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