June 2012 Articles

Rings on the wing!
By Marc Busch
Over the last few years, while detecting in my local area in Victoria’s Golden Triangle, I’ve found many things (and even some gold) and three of these items were rings though not the kind that is fashioned from gold or silver. [...]

Get your feet wet!
By Wal Ellison
Although any right thinking person should, on the whole, welcome the rains recently experienced by much of the country, the wet weather caused a great deal of flooding and hardship.[...]

Another beach bonanza
By Jean Williams
Wild weather hit our east coast beaches late last year, stripping away many feet of sand and while it was an event that was obviously not in the best interests of the beach or sunseekers, it’s what beach detector operators like me wait for all year.[...]

A Taste of Minerama and Sapphire Sieving
By Leigh Webber
In March this year we decided to visit the Glenn Innes Minerama Festival. I had always wanted to learn more about how to fossick for gems and as this was the largest gem festival in NSW, it was the perfect excuse for a weekend away.[...]

Bits & Pieces

Mother of pearl The Mother of all Pearls
The largest and most expensive pearl ever found is known variously as the ‘Pearl of Lao Tzu’ or ‘The Pearl of Allah’ [...]