Hunting for Young Heads with Jarhead

By Mark Williams

I was on the phone to Jarhead, a internet forum mate from Canberra, and halfway into the conversation he asked, ‘Hey Mark, were you serious about going out for a hunt together if I came to Adelaide?’ Well of course I was. That was all the encouragement he needed and a few days later when he rang and told me his flights were booked, right on queue the heavens opened up over South Australia and we had two of the wettest days I can recall. The rain continued right up until the day before he arrived.

In preparation for his arrival I’d popped out to a few spots that had detecting potential but they were dry-road access only and I was a bit concerned Jarhead’s trip would be a washout, although there was one ruin on the side of a hill within walking distance of the road that looked to be okay.

We decided to save this site for the second day of the trip as it would give us a full day to detect a virgin site.

The day of his arrival we worked a site I’d been over recently and came away with a couple of silvers in the shape of 1911 and 1943 threepences, some early 1900 Edward pennies and quite a few relics from amongst the trash.

Bits & Pieces

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