Hard Rains

By Goldsearch Australia

A person would have had to be living in a cave for the last 10 years not to be aware of the crippling drought that has gripped the state of Victoria over that time.

Mighty rivers and their tributaries became nothing more that a trickle, or in many cases completely dried up, and once huge water impoundment’s that had teemed with fish life turned into dust bowls. It wasn’t looking good for central Victoria.

Of course the climate change experts were sitting high upon their perches squawking out prophecies such as “The substantial rains of the past can now be relegated to the history books. We will never again see them and in fact what we now see is how it will be from here on in!”

Well, a few months ago, well before this article was written, something happened. It started raining. At first it was just light showers that persisted for weeks on end – nothing substantial mind you but enough to wet the ground and allow some of the old farmers, who were by now almost ready to give up, to actually get a few crops in. The old boys of the land were actually starting to get a glimmer of hope in their eyes and people were even talking of the drought actually breaking if ‘we just get some more’.

And that’s exactly what we got. Those showers went on week after week, rolling into month after month.

And then it happened, like a giant freight train gathering momentum and nearing maximum speed, the Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe weather warning with ‘A significant weather event forecast for the central Victorian region’.

The day before this I was out using the White’s TDI and had just nailed two nuggets when the interference level went off the scale.

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