Central Victorian Gold Report

By Goldsearch Australia

What a mixed bag 2011 was. Floods, fires, you name it and it was dished up to us in central Victoria in spades.

But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining and although the central region copped a hiding at times, the bounce back was nothing short of extraordinary.

Honestly, you wouldn't know that many places had been in the grip of a decade-long drought. Those big lakes and impoundments that were dust bowls just a year ago are once again brimming with life. The fishing reports from nearly all of them are 100% positive with catch rates being the best in years if not the best many can remember. Hats off to Fisheries for their statewide replenishing of stocks immediately after the floods.

On the gold front things were a bit slow as far as big finds go with only a few reports of decent nuggets in the double-figure range filtering through. Smalls made up the bulk of finds with the majority being mere specks up to several grams in weight.

A couple of patches were found that netted the finders some decent gold and one of them makes you shake your head.

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