Gold in the rocks and chain marks

By Malcolm Johnson

On our way home from our 2010 WA trip I couldn’t control myself and traded in my GPX4000 for a new GPX5000. I took the machine for a few test runs in Victoria and was convinced it ran quieter, lit up beautifully on small gold and still worked well on the larger nuggets. It was a smart buy.

Time flew by and before we knew it my mates Headley and Terry, and my wife, Linda, and I were planning our next trip west. One night I got a phone call from Terry asking if I really believed the GPX5000 was better and after a short conversation I convinced him it was, so he headed off to Maryborough to pick up one for the next WA trip.

In 2010 we’d explored Meekatharra and were keen to head back to the same area particularly to test the GPX5000’s fine gold settings in spots where we’d already found gold.

We got busy with our Section 20A permit, which was approved and returned for an outlay of just $25. The vehicles were serviced, new tyres graced the corners of my Toyota, the caravans were loaded and we set off in June.

After a quick catch-up with relatives in Adelaide, the gold team met up and hit the road. When we finally arrived at Meekatharra we refuelled and bought our groceries which were surprisingly fresh and very reasonably priced. Then we made our way to out to the permit area and set up camp. We could hardly wait to go detecting but it was getting late so we decided to rest and head out early in the morning.

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