Gold at Last!

By Mark Williams

I’d once dreamed about finding a sovereign on a sunny day at a certain site and maybe that’s the reason why I kept returning but I’d also found some great coins there in the past so that probably had more to do with it. But dreams aside, my detecting was taken to a whole new level when I hit a sweet spot while using a combination of the 6-inch Minelab CTX 06 Smart Coil and the CTX 3030 for the first time. This has proved to be a very lethal pairing at trashy sites though it took some time to get used to swinging a 6-inch coil because you don’t cover much ground. It’s a bit like painting a wall with an artist’s brush.

The reason why it’s such a lethal combination is due to the CTX 06 coil’s ability to minimize the detection zone and allow you to get in between targets, separating the ferrous from the non-ferrous with surgeon-like precision, matched with the CTX 3030’s advanced target trace feature that displays the information onscreen making it easier to identify the good targets.

It is a whole new world of detecting. When you have the right equipment to suit certain locations and conditions, it makes this great hobby so much more enjoyable and keeps you open to thinking outside the square. I’m sure there are a lot of sites that have been discounted over the years because there was just too much rusty iron and junk lying around but these sites are now back on the radar.

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