Floods and a Bit of Gold up North

By Bobupnorth

My wife, Delys, and I decided to travel to a goldfield which just happens to be on Gilberton Station owned by Rob and Lyn French. These guys are very nice folks but don’t do the wrong thing by them or you’ll be told to pack up and leave.

The date for the trip was set down for the Monday but due to my detecting mate Henri’s plans, we needed to go on the Friday before which suited me fine. On this trip there was Henri and his wife, Jo, and a new chum, Phillip, who just days before departure had bought a GPX4000. He was also heading back early with Henri, who was travelling to Melbourne to visit family and then get in some detecting in the Golden Triangle.

The trip to Gilberton Station wasn’t without its challenges because when we arrived at the Oasis service station we were told the area upstream had received four inches of rain the night before, putting some of the river crossings in doubt. But we’d come this far and were prepared to chance it, and as it turned out, most of the gullies and creek only had about a foot of water in them and the roads weren’t too bad. But it still took four hours to get there!

The next day, after finishing setting up camp, I got the detector out and headed to a place I wanted to try on the left of Red Flat opposite Black Hill near the old mines.The first nugget came with the first 10 minutes – a nice 1.4-grammer – but it was an hour before the next one jumped out of the ground. It weighed just 0.6-grams but was a welcome addition to the bottle. Unfortunately, that was it for what started out as such a promising day.

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