First Gold in the Fading Light

By Chad

A work mate, Steve, and I recently had to get out of town for a few days to a couple of well known Pilbara gold towns. We generally do these work trips once or twice a month and in recent months I’d gotten friendly with a couple of gold detecting locals and succumbed to gold fever. I bought myself a GP extreme and not long after, got an elliptical mono coil on the advice of one of these local experts. Steve bought himself a GP3000.

Keen as mustard we set out frequently on day trips around the Pilbara in search of gold and I even set out by myself a few times. We checked out proven patches and a few areas that we thought looked good but never came home with any colour. I did, however, acquire a nice collection of bullets and horseshoes.

As the months rolled on we continued to go out hunting the yellow stuff, spurred on by the success of local prospectors and an old prospector at work whom I’ll call Matt. Every time I saw Matt at work I asked him more questions and picked a ton of valuable information. And he’d bring the odd nugget or specie to show and tell and it kept us very motivated.

The weather started to heat up and we’d resigned ourselves to the fact that we might have swung our coils for the last time for the season, when our boss aid there was some out-of-town work that needed to be done and it would entail a couple of overnight stays. As mentioned at the start of the story, our destinations were a couple of well known Pilbara gold towns so our detectors were amongst the first things thrown into the work cars.

Bits & Pieces

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