February 2013 Articles

23 ounces and counting
By Marty Meinsma
After a few health scares early in 2012 I made a last minute decision to head to the goldfields of Western Australia, a trip that had been on my bucket list for far too long..... [...]

A Slice of Victoria
By madmax800
I’d been working long hours and had been away from home for weeks on end but holidays were just around the corner and I was looking forward to spending a week away...... [...]

Victoria’s Londonderry diggings are still worth a look
By Jim Foster
In an effort to encourage men to prospect for new finds to provide employment for miners, the government of Victoria in the late 1850s provided money to certain prospecting parties........ [...]

Quick runs in the last session
By Shazza
Our trip was being cut short by five weeks and we’d let the serious side of prospecting get away from us, having chosen to sit back and enjoy life instead. Now it was almost too late to get some runs on the board.......[...]

Bits & Pieces

Mother of pearl The Mother of all Pearls
The largest and most expensive pearl ever found is known variously as the ‘Pearl of Lao Tzu’ or ‘The Pearl of Allah’ [...]