Every Gemstone Picture Tells A Story

By Fullerton & Rikki

My first brush with gem paintings was on a busy sidewalk near the Old Quarter in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

That day, my wife had propelled us at a frantic pace around various sites of interest (museums, pagodas, monuments) until suddenly I spotted some coloured, broken rubble.

Upon closer inspection, I realised the rubble included all sorts of semi-precious gemstone materials – I’d found my first Vietnamese fossicking site in the centre of the city!

Before fossicking fever totally consumed me, I first looked about to see what might be the source of this rubble. It just so happened that we were out the front of a series of gem painting stores.

I soon realised the sidewalk rubble was reject material from creating these works of art.

For the next 15 minutes I was scrounging through the reject material, finding an intact tektite, a solid dravite crystal, high quality malachite, chalcedony, jasper and other pieces unknown to me.

Bits & Pieces

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