Detecting Pleasant Creek Goldfield

By Chrisso

The drought meant that little was happening in the farming game so I had time on my hands for other pursuits. Stawell identity, Charlie Presser, had told me about the location of some old Chinese garden beds along Pleasant Creek, west of Stawell, and being interested in detecting for metal relics, I drove down into the Illawarra Forest. I soon found evidence of the old garden beds visible on the south side of the creek. You could see the remains of the old shallow water holes dug by the Chinese to water their vegetables.

Detecting there I found several English and Chinese coins just west of Ernie Tremaine’s creek paddock. The best find was an English silver shilling dated 1817 in reasonable condition and it made me realise that the creek area must have been inhabited by more than just Chinese miners.

After getting permission from Ernie to detect on his property, it became obvious by the amount of broken black glass scattered about, that the place was a potential treasure trove of relics. And so it proved, with an abundance of relics under two stately old gum trees.

Bits & Pieces

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