Detecting at Grand Central Station

By Tracy

After three months in Victoria waiting for the wet season to finish, Harry, myself and the dog, headed north to the Territory. Harry had a few places he wanted to swing the detector over and I was looking forward to travelling up through the centre for the first time.

The trip was breathtaking, with the red centre looking very green and full of wildlife. During the 5-day trek, Harry prepared me for how isolated we would be in the bush and explained how we would have to carefully plan our supplies when we hit Alice Springs. After a few nights stay in the caravan park, and loaded up with supplies, we headed for the bush. The only real concern Harry had was that it was raining and we had a lot of dirt road to navigate. Initially I didn’t understand his concern having never been in the desert before but I have to admit the drive was a little hairy with the Landcruiser losing traction in the softer parts, and the weight of the trailer leaving wheel ruts in the red sand. Even though we were well equipped with recovery gear and had the Codan HF radio for added security, I was extremely relieved when we finally arrived at Harry’s spot.

When we surveyed the car and trailer there was literally inches of thick red mud covering everything. While we were standing there, clods of it smacked onto the ground and I looked at Harry and said, ‘So this is the dry season!’

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