December 2012 Articles

Your Name On It Nuggets
By Albert Miles
I first started swinging a detector around the Western Australian goldfields about 1978 and since then I’ve generally managed to escape to them once or twice a year though sometimes. ... [...]

A Big Day Out
I purchased this new coil for my old faithful Minelab X-Terra70 from the Coiltek factory in South Australia. As usual the guys there were very helpful and being a member of an SA club, I gratefully received a discount..... [...]

Salvaging the Niagra’s Gold
The RMS Niagra was an ocean liner in the grand tradition of opulent ocean-going palaces, so much so that while under construction in Scotland she earned herself the epithet ‘the Titanic of the Pacific’...... [...]

Life and Death in The Hillgrove Gold Mines
By John ‘Nugget’ Campbell
In the 1970s I was fortunate to work as a mine surveyor at the Hillgrove mines near Armidale, NSW, and part of my job was to survey the old mine sites after they had been pumped free of water.. ....[...]

Bits & Pieces

Mother of pearl The Mother of all Pearls
The largest and most expensive pearl ever found is known variously as the ‘Pearl of Lao Tzu’ or ‘The Pearl of Allah’ [...]