December 2011 Articles

Bernie's Patch
By Brenda
This story will hopefully clear up some of the rumours and myths that have sprung up since the discovery of The Karratha 1,000oz Patch, also known as the Mount Regal Patch or more correctly, Bernie's Patch. [...]

By Mitch (the Coin) Hunter
I bought my Garrett Ace 250 detector a few weeks before the school holidays from the Gold Mining Centre in Adelaide. [...]

How to Dig For Gold
By An Old Digger
This article was first published in an 1894 edition of Melbourne's The Argus newspaper. There are many men walking about the city of Melbourne who read of gold being got daily, and would like to go and do likewise. But they don't know how to go about it, being perfectly ignorant of everything connected with digging. [...]

The little stuff still adds up
By Bobupnorth
The release of the GPX5000 brought into focus the fact that that much of the easy gold has gone and so on this trip, with all of us armed with 5000s, we were determined to see how good the fine gold setting really was. [...]

Bits & Pieces

Mother of pearl The Mother of all Pearls
The largest and most expensive pearl ever found is known variously as the ‘Pearl of Lao Tzu’ or ‘The Pearl of Allah’ [...]