Cleaning up at Falls Festival

By Tassie Tiger

I was working on a food stall at the 2009 Falls Festival at Marion Bay, Tasmania, so it was only natural that my Minelab X-terra 70 should be there to keep me company. The crowd of around 14,000 people had a lot of change to lose.

After the first big day of the festival, I fired up the X-terra, did the usual ground balance and noise cancel operations and went detecting. First stop was in front of the main stage which was carpeted-over grass and a sea of crushed cans. The morning clean-up crew had already run over the site picking up any stray coins, notes, mobile phones and so on and because of the sheer number of cans, in some places they were 10 deep, there was nowhere to swing the detector. There was also a slight signal overload problem!

A change of tactics was required. I moved to a huge circus tent where people took shelter from the sun and rain and often sat down to eat. A few swings under this structure convinced me it was an insanely trashy area, containing everything from jewellery to ring pulls, so I set up the X-terra with a custom search pattern.

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